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if tears could make me looks beautiful, then i would be the prettiest girl alive

January 31st, 2010

It's been ages.. @ 02:08 pm

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished

Ok, it's been ages since I last wrote a blog on this site and God! I miss those days. The last time I wrote here was when I'm still struggling on my college life but look at me now. I'm done with all those paper works, I'm done with all those reporting, I'm done with all those test and I'm done with all those night less DUTIES... waaaahhh *jumping for joy*.

It's really over. I can't write a blog talking about how I hate my college life is, how tired I am from all those duties and how I'm sick and tired of those review days.

Now I'm re-opening my livejournal for some level up blogs. I need an outlet. I need to write how I feel because if I won't I'll burst like a balloon.
I have a lot of problems nowadays and I can't even share some of them to my friends. I'm sick and tired of keeping it to myself so I've decided to write them down. I don't care who will read this. My aim is to just write it and let it all come out.

I don't have a lot of friends here so I'm pretty sure that my blogs will still be as private as I want it to be. I can choose multiply, I can use Tumblr and all other blog sites out there but I've chosen Livejournal because I've liked it since the first time I've used it and I won't stop blogging here.

That's all for now. Expect more blogs......

November 3rd, 2006

(no subject) @ 05:35 pm

Current Mood: sad sad na sad

today was a tiring day... why because i was so busy going to the city hall, hospital and some health centers for our research... but its ok nmn.... its worth it nmn eh... pero when i opened my pc.. ayun 

i felt something i can't explain.... sad na naiiyak na mabigat ang dibdib na naiiyak uli..

why? well i went to hale's yahoo group and ayun i saw a post about somehting so shocking!!!

1 year rest for hale!!!!! 

wwwaaaghhhh!!!! honestly nalulungkot tlga me.... but it was their decision and i can't do anything about it... pero sad padin me!!!!

welcome back to a boring and dull life uli!!!!

hale made my life so happy, i met alot of friends because of them. i went to different places because of them.. i learn to smile again! (boring kc life ko dati because of my boring course!!!) and now what? mag rrest muna sila which is so sad!!!!!

huhuhu call me a cry baby but i think i will cry na nga!!!

not seeing hale for 1 month na nga makes me sad na what if 1 year pa!!! i would make my life so miserable (i guess)....

indi ko cia mtangap!!!!!

"sad ako ngayn!!"


November 2nd, 2006

(no subject) @ 11:24 am

i miss writing. well been busy this sembreak... 

heheh no time for my livejournal.. busy on my multiply... 

heheh well shout out to all the people of my livejournal contact..... 

misshu all....


September 23rd, 2006

sm centerpoint and cafelupe gig!!! @ 04:20 pm

Current Mood: amused hahahaha
Current Music: fire in the sky by hale

well share lang... hahaha yesterday i had a great tym.. as in...

first went to sm centerpoint... wahhh on my duty uniform... hahaha wa pake.. go!!! hahaha tnx to carla who bought the album,, ayun nakasama ako sa mga nakapasok.. hahaha... well first heard fire in the sky.. and i must say!!! i loved it!!! super... go kuya oms!!!! hahaha

well after the gig.. ayun intay mode muna... hahaha at take note nakapasok ako sa loob ng tent... hehehe takas ba!!! gumapang ako eh... hehehe kuya poi scolded me.. why am i wearing wyt? well galing pa kasi ako ng duty... sabi ko sa knaya... hahaha... ayun picture galore....

next stop... cafe lupe... hahaha isa sa mga early birds,,, hahaha tnx to tita ang tito.. for giving us a free ride... hehehe.. and also the food... hahahaha

well beacuse of so much technical difficulties ayun medyo na delay.. pero ok nadin.. ok na mc si kc... hahaha (check chek!!)

hhmmm and after the long wait finally nag start na!!!! hahahah narinig ko nnmn ung fire in the sky!!!! waaahhh!!!! i love you na kuya oms!!!! hehehe....

grabe umulit pa uli ng song sila poi... garalgal daw kc sbi nung isang guy from MTV... kaya ayun inulit most of it... hahaha take note medyo na piss off na ata si poi... pero infairness... mas gumanda cia.... dapat pala iniinis muna si poi eh.... hehehe....

hhhmmm well ayun slaman na!!! just imagine me... wearing my white duty uniform at nakikipag slaman... hahaha (pangit) wa na poise... hehehe.. i dont care.. im there to enjoy the night...n hahaha

ayun after than.. labas na sa labas.. umaambon na!!!!

hehehe.. pero that didn't stop us... ayun nagkulitan pa under the rain... hahaha

nakapag pa pic uli me...
champ said "ei its you... di ka pa umuwi?"
i said.. "indi pa... hehehe" ayun picture na!!!

hahah hhhmmm after that,,, konting kulitan and finally went home na...

grabe i really really had a great time....

hahaha till next time


September 20th, 2006

i hate the word DUTY @ 09:57 am

well just too happy that my ortho duty is about to end... yeepee!!!! two weeks of agony is almost over na!!!! kaya lng./.. i prefer ortho duty than san lazaro.... waaahh!!!! next week another agony but this time... super duper mega grabeng agony na!!!! san lazaro duty na!!!! waaahh!!!! well after that finals... and then!!! finally sembreak!!!! waaahhh!!!! i really really need a break!!!!! kung pede lang hilahin na ang mga araw... at mag sembreak na!!! waaahhh!!! till here muna coz i need to prepare my stuff lam nyo na DUTY kc!!!!

September 18th, 2006

........ @ 08:09 am

Current Mood: rejected i hate it

nothing more to say.... 

im just too damn tired of this life....


September 13th, 2006

(no subject) @ 09:16 am

Current Mood: loved im inlove.....hahaha

my new prospect


September 6th, 2006

waltz by hale @ 02:58 pm

beczuse of boredom i have made a little something for my friends and of course hale... hehe hope you liked it...


try to watch this... hahaha

September 2nd, 2006

(no subject) @ 04:37 pm

i hate what im goin through right now... as in... i can't say that im enjoying whats happening right now.... wwaaahhh!!!! please rescue me!!!!

i wish i can still go back.. and put my life in a way i planned it to be!!!!

when i was still in highschool i said to myself that i will never ever ever get a NURSING COURSE!!! but what! im now on my fourth year... in a nursing course!!! i ate all what i said.... huhuhu and i hate myself for not sticking on my words!!

i really hate this! my mom was the one to blame... she was the one who said that i should take this stupid course... and as a good daughter i did... *tanga pa ako nun eh* waaahhh!!!

and now? well i can say that im in my worst nightmare... waaahhh!!!1 im beginning to give up.. but thanks to my friends who alwasy make me feel that im not alone and i can still do it!!!!

im here na so why stop? im on my last year so why don't i finish it?... hope i can....

well now because there are so much requirements. so much research. so much things to do.. im beginning to have an ANS (anti nursing syndrome) waaahhh that's what i called it..hehehe

im beginning to hate my course again!!!

im always waking up too early to review but what happen? im still getting low scores waaaahhh!!!! my mind can't absorbed all the details and informations in the book!!!! whats happening?

im always waking up too early because of my duty.. sometimes even sleeping too late because of my report, assignments, research... and what i hate is having a night shift!!!!.....

Nursing Course Do Suck!!!!!! waaahhhh!!!!!! i mean it!!!!!


August 24th, 2006

(no subject) @ 06:04 pm

well i know its kinda early but im not sure if i can greet her on time... i'm very busy na kasi kaya uunahan ko na sila lahat... hahaha i would like to say a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KRISTINE CELEST FLORES !!!! hahaha tumanda ka na uli,,, well im happy and very blessed to know you,,, thanks for the friendship... hahaha may god bless you and your family,,,,, miss you na!!!

ang also to my friend/classmate/girlfriend/sister na si DALISAY "dolly" BRONCANO..... HAPPY BITHDAY SAYO!!!! hehehe tumanda ka na!!!! hahaha manlibre ka nmn!!!!! hehehe well love you sis!!!! bsta d2 lng me for you!!!!!

if tears could make me looks beautiful, then i would be the prettiest girl alive